We provide education, guidance, and resources for the global XRPL community.

We accompany you IN getting the job done

We believe
in the service

Our mission is to nurture a strong and vibrant XRPL ecosystem. We believe fostering the growth of this open-source blockchain ecosystem can develop its potential to solve real-world issues. We empower and expand the XRPL community through training and active collaboration. 

By supporting builders to experiment with innovative XRPL projects, our focus is on serving the developer community. 
As facilitators who advocate using Web3 to solve vital societal issues, we bridge the gap between industry and research. Together, we can create real impact.

We support

We aim to support developers, educators, and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating utility leveraging the XRP Ledger.

Our emphasis is on aiding the expansion of the XRP Ledger developer community and promoting collaboration between developers and other stakeholders. We aim to provide resources, support, and networking opportunities to help developers create valuable solutions that benefit the wider community.

We build our own programs and support community-led programs.

is to help the XRPL

Our commitment to open-source development and collaboration is unwavering, and we advocate for sharing knowledge, code, and best practices.

We have several upcoming initiatives that we are excited to share with you. These include collaborating with universities and enterprises and hosting an in-house residency program for builders in our Paris office, which we call the Loft.

We think long-term and we act now.

Devs, find inspiration for your next project with XRPL Commons.

Stay tuned, we will soon be announcing our 2023 programs as we roll them out.
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