Community Magazine

#2 — 2024

With the release of our highly anticipated second edition, we continue to celebrate the evolution of the XRPL community and showcase its ongoing innovation and growth.

What’s inside?

The second issue of our magazine is out now!

In this edition, we focus on regeneration. What does it mean in the context of community and in relation to blockchain? What initiatives in the ecosystem are driving forward sustainable growth?

Gain insights from experts and community figures, including Wietse Wind, addressing pressing inquiries from the XRPL Community.

As we look ahead to 2024, our commitment remains steadfast: to empower the XRPL community, cultivate transformative engagements, and nurture an inclusive ecosystem.

Be a part of shaping the XRPL's future towards resilience, innovation, and sustainability. Click to read the magazine and tell us what you think!

In the Know - Recent Developments
XRPL Wizards
AMA with Vet
Grants and Opportunities
Practical Advice from VCs
XRPL Ecosystem
Amendments and Updates
Humans of XRPL 
Grants and Opportunities
Ecosystem Mapping 
Community Report #1  - October 2023
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